descent._meaning – Chapter 3: First fight!

Chapter 3: First fight!

This metal-tailed rat really is alone, right? To be honest, I feel like seeing it exhausted and injured is too good to be true. It's almost as if it might be a trap made to lure me out.You know how things might seem to go well before they soon go south. That sort of thing. Almost like a red flag.With cautious steps, I moved through the undergrowth, my scales blending seamlessly with the lush green grass. The closer I approached it, the stronger the scent of blood mingled with the earthy aroma of the forest floor became.Five meters away, I spotted the metal-tailed rat casually eating the remains of its prey, presumably from its last battle. As it lay there, seemingly vulnerable and alone, Yet a sense of unease gnawed at my instincts. The metal rat seems to be so focused that it doesn't seem to register if anyone else (mainly me) is stalking it. The fact that it could be so oblivious to my presence was unsettling.This has got to work! I just need to immobilize it with paralysis venom, effectively weakening it, before I finish it off.Alright... Now!Without a moment's hesitation, I dashed forward, my heart pounding in my chest. Closing in on my target, ready to strike. I leapt forward and attacked with my front claw (specifically my front right claw), hoping to immobilize or even slow down the metal-tailed rat as the paralysis attack

Chapter end

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