Will you be my father? – Surely not our last meeting!

Surely not our last meeting!

They were still locked into each other's arms. He refused to let her go. He allowed himself to bend slowly closer to her face. His lips pressed against hers. Allowing her to sigh with a heavy breath. He could hear another moan. The sound he longed all these days. Finally he could hear it again.

r“Seems like your body’s really enjoying my company.” He teased.

r“Let go.” She brushed her hairs behind her ears and took another longer breath. “Mr. Denize, if the interview is over I think I can make a move.”

r“Sure. We shall meet again.” He smiled.

rAnna rushed outside the room. Going straight to her office she threw herself on the chair. Covered her face with her hand, she wondered about that moment she met him. It was last week. She took the liberty to spend some time alone to herself to digest the fact that she was divorced and was entering into another phase of her life. A phase that she had hoped to live alone, with every freedom she might want. But little did she knew that she would encounter such an experience, before she even entered her new life!

rAlex pov

rI was so immersed in my handing over, that I didn’t even care to read the file Mr. Richard gave me. Ever since I came to Mauritius, I kept working over and over. To understand the rules and priorities as grandpa expected me to. I only took some time to rest, when I decided to spent a few days on that island. But little did I knew that everything was going to blow on my face. And instead of having a rested mind, I would be more troubled by her.

rI still can’t get her off my mind. When I returned from my holiday. I was ten times more restless, I was annoyed. I kept thinking over how she could just leave me like that. Moreover, I didn’t even knew her name.

rBut today I heard her voice again. And there was no way I was going to let her go now. I need to figure out that feeling that kept dragging me towards her. As if I want to hold her for the rest of my life.

rI clearly enjoyed all her smallest expression today. The way she was stunned to see me here. And the way her body reacted to my touch. Surely, it assured me that the feelings I have, is reciprocal.

rAnd I’ll make sure it stays the same.


Chapter end

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