The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest – Chapter 46: Baihe’s Character Development

Chapter 46: Baihe’s Character Development


[Due to the sudden Character Development of Dan Baihe, the conditions to learn one of her Skills have changed according to her new desire.]


[Player Name]: [Dan Baihe]

[Title]: [Frost Princess]

[Sponsor]: [Anna, Protagonist's Little Sister]

[Innate Skills (2)]: [Frost Queen (S)] [Great Sorceress (S)]

[Skill Copy Conditions]: [Dan Baihe has discovered that her stepfather has fallen into a Demonic Human and that his vile heart has orchestrated the death of her own mother. With only you as her only attachment to her humanity and as her mentality rapidly deteriorated, your words have inspired her to change and to defeat her evil stepfather, suddenly provoking a character development within her mindset and heart. With the only desire to kill her to fulfill Leviathan's wishes, help her defeat Hector. If properly fulfilled, you can learn one of her two Innate Skills.]

[Conditions: You can only learn one Skill. After learning the Skill, you cannot learn any more Skills from this Character.]


I guess I'll have to help her. It's not as if, even with her stats, she could defeat this bastard. He has already become a monster beyond the B-Rank power level. She was able to accidentally kill Rick because he was already about to die anyway, but her stepfather had just recently transformed, and he seemed to have become a pseudo-incarnation of Leviathan.

Just how many damn incarnations can Leviathan even have? He already has Darius, planned to have Dan Baihe, and now he also has Hector! He must be a very powerful Archdemon. Probably the reason why the Constellations haven't done anything about the terrible things he provoked.

[Several Constellations are interested in this development.]

[They have sponsored 500 Plot Points.]

[The Cosmic Throne {Drama Loving King of Wine} is surprised about the sudden character growth of Dan Baihe!]

[Due to the enjoyment he's having by observing you two, he has sponsored 1800 Plot Points.]

[The Cosmic Throne {Lady that Soothes the Souls of the Death} is worried about your safety.]

[She has sponsored a [Rainbow Elixir (B Rank)] x1!]

It seems even the Constellations are getting some enjoyment out of this development. And Isis has sent quite an interesting gift into my hands. The Rainbow Elixir is an item that can increase all stats by 30% for 30 Minutes, it is ideal for this situation where I need as much power as possible.

I quickly popped the bottle open and drank all the contents in a flash while the tentacles of Hector shattered into pieces.

[You've drank the [Rainbow Elixir (B Rank)] x1!]

[All of your Stats have increased by 30% for 30 Minutes.]

[As a result of the sudden burst of power, your Physique is reacting positively and absorbing the energy!]

[Your [Physique]: [Seven Colored Sun Physique (Tier 1: Rank 7)] has increased to Tier 1: Rank 8!]

[All of your Stats have increased a bit permanently.]

[Your KI Stat has increased permanently by 30!]

Well, I'll have to be thankful to my sponsor; Isis is the best.

Chapter end

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