Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite. – Chapter 91 - Wave tide

Chapter 91 - Wave tide

After her birthday, when Laila returned to Hollywood with large and small bags of gifts, the brochure she shot for Janet had also caused a wave of fashion in New York Fashion Week.

rRetro, elegant, romantic… Fashion photos composed of various elements are no less than seeing an epoch-making visual effects blockbuster in the eyes of knowledgeable people.

rMany people are studying Laila's shooting methods, and they found that the unique charm can't be simulated.

rThe photo she took is not a static image but a moving historical story that can shock the soul. From a picture, you can see the charm brought by the costume, and you can also feel the unique breath emanating from the photo.

rThis girl is amazing! This is the sentence that countless fashion people who have seen the brochure have the most emotion in their hearts.

rAt the same time, several models selected in the brochure became popular. Elena naturally does not need to say. The others, especially Gisele Bündchen, are also popular and have a vague tendency to surpass Elena. After all, she takes a lot of advantage in skin color, and her conditions are even better.

rWithin a few days, it was reported that she was signed as the exclusive model of Victoria's Secret, and there were even rumors that she would endorse valuable underwear, which can be said to be worth a hundred times.

rAt this time, not only designers and clothing companies are paying attention to Laila, but also models who want to make it to the sky. They can't wait to find her to help them take a few photos immediately. But everyone knows Laila's identity. For most people, she is out of reach. Even if they give money, they may not invite her because she has it.

rIt seems to want to take advantage of Laila's popularity in the fashion industry. Burberry also didn't miss the opportunity to launch their first wave of seizing the world, that is, the series of menswear designed by Christopher shot by Laila.

rThroughout the fashion industry, women's clothing can be described as a hundred flowers blooming, while men's clothing… You can tell what styles there are with your fingers. It is simply a world of women's clothing and can not be compared.

rLooking at the luxury brands of men's clothing, apart from the Italian brands occupying most of the country, there are only some old and dull old brands and all kinds of suits. Yes, wearing those will make a man appear calm and majestic, but in the same way, those formal clothes will also stifle my vitality.

rAnd the first round of Burberry's global expansion is like injecting a spring into the stagnant water. Many men find that they can still wear this way. It turns out that they can be so youthful and sexy in addition to elegance and calmness.

rIn a short time, Roy's photos covered the streets and alleys, and he also had his own display in the most prosperous area. One of his pictures with a corner of Notre Dame Cathedral as the background, half-wet hair, and front breasts is the most popular.

rIn the words of some people who have seen the photos, his gray eyes seem to be shining an electric current, electrocuting everyone passing by. The transparent water droplets flowed from his delicate collarbone, reflecting the light honey complexion, which could almost take people's breath away.

rSexy! Every part of Roy in the photo exudes sexy charm, letting people know that it is not only women who can be sexy, but men can be so sexy that they can't look away.

rSo Burberry didn't know whether to cry or laugh and found that their promotional photos were lost too quickly. Almost just pasted on this site, someone over there quietly took it away. Only some posters that are not easy to take away can be kept.

rAnd Burberry's brand has also spread in a short time following Roy's enthusiasm. Countless young boys who pursue fashion rushed into Burberry's specialty store to buy themselves such clothes. They have long been fed up with old-fashioned suits. They want to make themselves live more fashionable, younger and more energetic, and most importantly, sexier! They also want the girls who are idiotic about the photos to scream at themselves!

rThe popularity of Burberry was brought up to discuss by many people in the fashion industry. They found that Burberry's success could not be separated from Laila. It's not that no one has taken out Burberry's new series for research. Whether it is a first-class designer or a first-class photographer, they only see the strong British style and some minor details that demonstrate youthful vitality when they see those designs.

rIt's really just minor details. There are not many such small details in their works, but they have never been noticed, and they have never been dug into the charm of the connotation like the Burberry brand.

rIn an interview with a fashion magazine, Christopher Bailey, the creative director of Burberry and the founder of the new series, once admitted to reporters that even he did not expect that the clothes he designed would have such incredible effects. And claiming to achieve such a remarkable effect, it is ultimately the effect that Laila Moran, who is acting as the photographer, used her magic to achieve.

rHe said half-jokingly, but he accidentally caused Laila to be called the

Chapter end

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