Divine Emperor of Death – The Last Battle

The Last Battle

From there onwards, the final competition proceeded as planned albeit, a little delayed.

rThe geniuses who were already seated in the arena and the Top 1000 who passed the second round were entitled to participate in the final competition.

rTotally, there were 1,280 participants in the final competition.

rThe final competition consisted of three rounds.

rThe first round involved group elimination, where only 16 people will be able to pass out of the 256 people who were pitted against each other in the arena.

rThis made Davis remember the Battle Royale Games in his previous life. During the match, he stood like a statue and no one even came near him. They were avoiding him like he was a plague which made him annoyed.

rOut of the 1,280 participants, 80 participants managed to secure victory, and as expected, more than 90% of the participants who secured victory were the elite geniuses of the various empires.

rUnfortunately, Evelynn was defeated in this round which made her unqualified to participate in the next round.

rThe next round took place the next day. They used the same method to eliminate the participants.

rThis time, only 16 participants were pitted against each other as they battled out for supremacy.

rEllia lost this round, and it was quite expected. Compared to other geniuses, the time she cultivated was too little.

r16 participants emerged victorious in this round as the general Top 16 were determined.

rThen the Top 16 participant was made to do one on one battles, which increased the valiant and heroic atmosphere of the arena.

rIn the arena, three matches simultaneously took place in the three battle stages.

rThe audience clamoured and discussed in fervour as the matches between the geniuses exploded into magnificent battles, except for an anomaly.

rDuring the whole process, Davis didn't even have to open his mouth as the geniuses automatically surrendered of their own will.

rThe number of participants dropped from sixteen to eight. Then eight to four, and four turned to two.

rIn the largest battle stage, two silhouettes were staring at each other with odd expressions.


Chapter end

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