Divine Emperor of Death – I Want My Freedom

I Want My Freedom

The ship waited for half a day for the participants before it left with the Top 1000 cultivators.

rThe other participants who were still alive were made to go in another ship that was practically as big as the previous ship.

rThe cultivators who didn't make it into the Top 1000 felt remorse as their dreams were shattered, especially for those who were close to the Top 1000th position.

rBut still, they held their heads high, not at all ashamed as they eventually managed to reach this position.

rWhen they return to their clans or wander around the world, they would be recognized and praised no matter where they go. Only people with higher statuses would have the right to ignore them.

rWhat did this mean? It meant that over 95% of the Grand Sea Continent's population would have to bow their heads to them. Their lives were practically smooth sailing right now unless they meet a higher mountain.

rThe ship sailed for another half a day before it finally arrived at the coast of Gote Island.


rWhen a thousand cultivators got down the ship, they walked by the green meadows while they were greeted by many clans, organisations and families, which astonished them to a great extent.

rDavis ignored them, his face incredibly cold. At this point, he would just walk past anyone who called out to him. Normally, he wouldn't mind chatting with some people, but a certain someone has been on his mind for an entire day now, and all he could think of was getting rid of that vermin.

rEllia followed him silently. She guessed the reason for his anger was her, but she had no idea that it was not because of her injury and incompetence, but because of a vermin who tried to take her life.

rThis silence that was from Davis was just too unsettling for her. She remembered how cheerful he was when he was with her.

rMoreover, rather than affection, what she had for him were feelings of awe, admiration, respect and a hint of possessiveness. Furthermore, adding the way he took care of her during these two years, caused a huge impact on her mind. She couldn't take this silence as this just kept hurting her heart even more.

rJust when they were all alone, she bit her lips and gathered the courage to raise a question,

Chapter end

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