Divine Emperor of Death – Twenty Days

Twenty Days

On the way to the Royal Castle, Davis felt truly bad.

He believed that he had made her cry. He felt like he shouldn't have acted selfish, like an a-hole.

He didn't know that her cultivation was her sore spot. If he had known, then he wouldn't have dared to ask.

Now he realised that woman was putting up a front in front of everybody, all the while she bears a huge burden in her heart.

From this, he even could tell that she had an inferiority complex about her talent and cultivation.

'Is it too bad to be a little forceful?' He thought as he shook his head.

He wanted to make her his, so he pushed her a bit in courting her, was it wrong?

But what he didn't know was that sentence he uttered had helped him increase his impression on her to the next level.

Midway, he suddenly stopped.

'Damn it, I don't feel good...' He got angry and took out a jade crystal.

'Sorry, looks like your death date is moved to today.' He thought coldly as he headed to assassinate the target. Originally he planned to kill them from tomorrow but decided to take his anger out on them today.

Davis, like before, baited and killed the target while also getting some combat experience.

He also implemented a failsafe plan in case his target tried to escape just like before.

After he had successfully assassinated the target and absorbed the deceased soul. He felt getting one step closer to the next level in Soul Cultivation.

He believed that he could make his Soul Cultivation experience leaps and bounds as long as he had the Death Book and the appropriate souls.

He then made his way back to the Royal Castle as it was almost dawn.


Days passed as he went on killing his targets one by one. Soon, he almost became a legend in the Dark Earth Organization for his efficiency and credibility for killing his targets.

He felt like he couldn't talk with Evelynn because he felt awkward to see her once again.

Still, he wanted to talk once after that, but he just couldn't find her because she went back to her manor.

Twenty days passed as he killed off 8 Low-Level Sky Grade Mission targets.

Almost 4 of them had Low-Level Young Soul Stage Cultivation while the others had Peak Level infant Soul Stage Cultivation.

During these twenty days, he found no one targeting him or his siblings all night as an assassin, so he failed to finish off any Sky Grade Cultivators who might possibly come after them.

He felt that this was strange since this was the perfect opportunity to target him and his siblings since Logan was out of the Royal Capital.

He had also tried to find out what was the new ability of the Death Book, but he couldn't discover it to no avail.

He almost doubted whether if his Death Book had been granted a new ability or not, also whether if it had stopped evolving or not.

Regardless, he successfully achieved Mid Level Young Soul Stage after the ruthless execution that he had performed.

He then increased his cultivation to Peak-Level Iron Stage and Peak-Level Energy Condensation Stage.

From the execution performed and the number of souls absorbed, he understood that he needed the soul of at least 5 Mid-Level Young Soul Stage experts to advance to the next level.

Fortunately, his Death Book was extremely helpful in that regard so he didn't need to worry about it.

The Royal Capital was in a panic as powerful figures, famous for their wealth kept dying one by one.

Those powerful people were none other than the targets Davis had killed without any mercy.

So he was not in fear at all but that can't be said to be the same as other people.

Davis understood that his actions were of tantamount to declaring war against evil people and organisations, but he did it anyway as no one would be able to find his identity unless they were to bring in some Adult Soul Stage Cultivators.

He also understood that his actions attracted his father indirectly, as his father was the Emperor. This made his father leave a little sooner from the Alfred Kingdom.

Logan was on his way to the Royal Capital after he had heard about a powerful assassin known as Dead End, who always kills his target without fail.

But he was not anxious because he did his homework, and knew that Dead End's targets were all scums and degenerates and definitely wouldn't be his family, so Logan was worried but not anxious.

He was worried that the strength of the Royal Capital would further decline as powerful cultivators would leave, fearing the assassin, regardless if they were degenerates or not. So he left a little sooner to put a stop to this assassin known as Dead End even though he felt a little thankful to him for clearing the Royal Capital of vermin.


The world welcomed dawn.

Davis who had just returned from his hunt knew that he wouldn't be able to sneak out anymore due to his father coming home sometime today.

He headed to the Study to finally take some rest, even sleep. He felt kind of exhausted for not sleeping for more than twenty days. He went hunting, cultivated all three Cultivation System which took a huge toll on his body because he wanted to improve as much as possible before his father returned.

Cultivators don't need that much sleep, but it is still a process that one enjoys, so even cultivators have the habit of sleeping from time to time because it helps them relax.

'Ahh, damn, I'm so exhausted. A night of good sleep will rejuvenate me...' Even though it was almost morning, cultivators didn't care when they slept.

Just as he opened the door to the Study, he saw Ellia.

Lightning cracked as sparks of electric currents swirled around Ellia.

She was seated in a lotus position with a serious expression painting her face.

Chapter end

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