Alpha's Pain and The Moon Goddess' Blessing – The Decision

The Decision

Valentine's POV

rThings have been hectic these past few days,we were dealing with rogue attacks every week and there has been a number of unexplained mysteries occurring. Seriously,my twin and I were fed up,all we wanted was a break so we could go search for our mate since we are mated to each other. Vex has been trying to help but he too couldn't help much so we were stuck. Anyways,I was out checking the patrol schedule at the North boarder when Vex mindlinked my sister and I telling us about an Alpha who requested our attention. I wanted to refuse since it was already evening but when he said it's Alpha Ralph Ortiz, something in me just couldn't say no.

rValentine: Isn't that the Alpha from our neighboring Pack?

rVex:It is and he has come here with his mates.

rValentina: I don't think we have ever met him but we always wanted to be allies with that Pack since he took over from his father. What does he want?

rVex: Said he is here for business and is hoping you could sign a peace treaty with him.

rValentine: Take them to the office, I'll be there in a while (cut the link).

rAfter that I did not waste time trying to figure out why the Alpha came now and not all those years before. My wolf was restless,I didn't know why until I entered the Pack house and the most amazing scents filled my nose. Danger yelled

Chapter end

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